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No worries, we can make you a custom windshield protector. Simply fill out the form with a few details, and we will get back to you on your customized order.

Fast Installation

Installation or removal takes under 10 minutes without compromising on strength - boasting an incredible 160 lbs pull force.


Our marine-grade medium-density foam is not only waterproof but also resistant to mold and mildew.


Holding everything together is mil-spec binding, a testament to our commitment to the highest industry standards.

Made In The U.S.A.

Fit2Ride Protection is built right here in the U.S.A. Each building phase of our high quality products are crafted by hand in the U.S.A

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Protection for the Road

Our innovative, patent-pending technology combines exceptional protection with effortless operation.

Featuring magnets strong enough to endure the harshest environmental conditions yet simple enough to provide seamless protection.

This solution offers an unprecedented level of safeguarding for your windshield while hauling or towing your equipment.








Defend Your Windshield During Transit

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Made for Durability

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Based on 34 reviews

Got here quickly and was easy to install. Great quality

RV Windshield Protection
Michelle Schultz
Great Protection & Peace of Mind

We love our new cover, so far it has not moved at all while towing and is very easy to install and uninstall.

Excellent construction/quality

Happy with quality. Is built as advertised.

Great product and customer service! Kept me informed every step of the way from the time the order was placed to delivery.

Quality Protection

I bought the cover for my Flagstaff ePro 19FDS. Installation was a breeze, with the hardest part being the removal of the tape from the magnets to stick them on the glass. Maybe if I had better fingernails it would have been easier! The fit is perfect and it looks fantastic. My front window is covered by a Murphy bed during the day and a privacy window shade at night, but I’ll probably just leave the cover in place while at a campsite as the camper’s window shade hangs down over the bed which is not convenient. IMHO, the front windows in these campers serve no purpose other than making them look cool. I haven’t road tested it yet, but the magnets are super strong and I have zero doubt that the cover will stay in place when traveling. 5 stars…

Peace of mind

After having a rock chip our campers front window last year out west we were able to have the chip filled. I saw this product online and was reluctant to try it due to the cost and fear of if it would stay on the camper at highway speeds.
We bought the cover and after seeing how well it travels at interstate speeds I was very glad we did. This product gives you the peace of mind that some semi or dump truck won’t break your window with a slung rock while traveling.
Excellent product. Very well made

Our new Fit 2 Ride

This thing is awesome!!! 75 mph and it won’t move!!! Thanks for making such a great product!!!

Looks Great! Magnets are super strong!!

Materials and construction are great. Magnets are super strong….this baby isn’t coming off your windshield!!

RV Windshield Protection
Charles A. Parks
Flagstaff MicroLite windshield cover

Good fit . It was very easy to install. Will be Great protection for our investment.

Great Windshield Protection for out Rockwood 2606ws

Easy to take on and off. Stays on at freeway speeds as well as side winds. Great solution for protecting our window!

So far so good! Easy install, was able to do it myself but a second set of hands would have made it a little easier. Stayed on while driving 60mph. Very impressed!


Best thing for it

So far so good

I was skeptical that the cover would stay on. First trip, drove about 140 miles going around 70 MPH. the cover never moved. I think it is a good investment to protect your window and your trip. Get there and enjoy your trip rather than having a broken window to clean up and deal with.

RV Windshield Protection
Wyatt J. Lawlis
Flagstaff microlite window protection

Install was easy. Had to use the tip of my pocket knife to remove magnet tape seal, but install went smooth and looks great!

RV Windshield Protection
yannick jolicoeur
exceeded my expectation

we made a 1000km trip with the rv and it never moved and I was surprised by the protection it provides

UTV Windshield Protection
Raymond Charette
Works as advertised

I am very impressed with this product. I have not had a lot of time to test, and have used it for short trips only to date. However I am sure it will be everything the company has said of it. Seems heavy duty and well put together. Would definitely recommend.

Very well made!

Absolute Necessity

The RV windshield cover is made amazingly tough and the magnets are amazing too.
Installation was straightforward and pretty easy for me by myself.
Looks really good on the trailer too. Oh, inside the magnets are around the edge of the window, are like polished buttons that don't interfere with your view.
Also, offered a 1st Responder discount that is most appreciated!Highly recommend!
Tom. Mountainair, New Mexico

RV Windshield Protection
Scott Griffitts
Great Protection from Rocks and Sun

Nice cover and easy to install. Hardest part of installing is getting the double backed tape off. I found that putting the magnets in the freezer for 30 minutes makes it very simple.
I painted the interior magnets flat black to blend in with the tinted window. Not so much with the cover off.

RV Windshield Protection
Richmond Hopkins
Great investment

We just bought a Flagstaff Super lite, our 5th RV but first one with a front window. We wanted protection and our research brought us to FIT2Ride. This thing is amazing, heavy material, thick padding and the magnets are very powerful. We installed and immediately took a 1200 mile trip. The cover performed flawlessly at interstate speeds, crosswinds and passing trucks. 10/10 highly recommend.

Good product

Installation went well, haven't been down the road yet, but seems to be a well made product. I am sure this will be a very good purchase we will be very glad we made.

Completely Satisfied

Arrived on time, excellent craftsmanship, easy install, and works great. It doubles as a great sunblock for the Alaskan midnight sun.

Stays in place while driving.

It was easy to install. Once magnets are in place, it's easy to remove and re-install. It's a little bulky from what I imagined, but that should give great protection. Using on front window of a No Boundaries camper.

Well made product would buy again

Best Investment Ever!!

We received our Fit2Ride windshield protector for our Montana High Country 295RL right before our trip from Texas to Florida. It was super easy to install and gave us peace of mind that our front cap window was protected!

If you are considering purchasing one for your RV I highly recommend it!!!

Customized Shield Protection

Shop All UTVs

The Custom Built UTV Protection for transport is designed to protect your UTV against damage during transit.


Shop All RVs

The full coverage provided by the custom fit windshield will ensure that your travel trailer glass is protected from flying debris.



No, we have extensively tested this product in extreme conditions.

The magnets that are built into the cover are 210-250 Ft/lbs Pull Force each, with air Gap (Distance between magnets) you end up with Approx. 50 lbs Pull force. So if you have 8 magnets in your cover you would have 8 x 50 Lbs Pull force for a total magnetic pull of 400 Lbs Pull force.

Now add in Dynamic Force (Wind Pressure) of 285 pounds of force for 1 yard squared.

If you add them up you get a total of 685 pounds of pressure/force on your cover @ 60 mph. Even with an extreme crosswind the cover will not move!!

We have included the best materials we can source to ensure the highest quality!!

  1. we use Marine-Grade Vinyl as the outer shell. The same vinyl is used for the offroad and boating industries.
  2. Our Inner Core is made of 3/8" Medium Density marine-Grade Foam. This allows for maximum impact absorption while repelling the elements and being mold/mildew resistant!
  3. The caveat to the whole cover is the world's strongest rare earth neodymium magnets that are built right into the cover!! Each Magnet is 160 lbs of pull force!
  4. Not to tie it all together is Mil-spec Binding that is robust and UV resistant.

In whole you are not buying a cover off Amazon or, your buying the highest quality materials that are constructed by and and regularly QC checked between each construction activity!

Fit2Ride Windshield Protection is built to last and withstand the rigors of transportation.

We offer a 90 day warranty against any manufacturing defects! We offer "FIT Care" for extended care to protect your equipment and your cover! Click Here To Learn

If you have any issues please reach out, quality and customer service are our top priority!

Fit2Ride offers robust protection against various forms of debris encountered during transportation, as well as harsh weather conditions like wind, rain, and snow.

Minimal maintenance is required for Fit2Ride. We recommend regularly checking the magnets and the protective surface for any debris or damage to ensure optimal performance. A simple wipe down after use will maintain the integrity and effectiveness of the system.

Stay Tuned as we are in the process of making a F.I.T care product line to extend the life of your cover!

The initial installation takes under 15 mins and doesn't require any drilling or modifying your unit in any way. Once the initial installation is complete the install and removal of the cover is under 1 minute. Designed for simplicity of use, requiring no tools or lengthy processes.